Jamie’s career in the Australian Film and Television Industry was launched back in 1981 at Crawford Productions as a then very young Director of Photography, filming the highly regarded television series ‘The Sullivans’. His passion and extraordinary eye for the visual quickly led him to be regarded as one of Australia’s finest and most sought after DP’s and it wasn’t long before he was earning that reputation offshore as well. By the early 90’s, having secured his Green Card, Jamie was living and working in America on both films and commercials. He was also formally recognised by the ACS in 1992, receiving his accreditation for cinematography.

Having filmed literally hundreds of hours of drama and countless commercials, both locally and internationally, the addition of Direction to his DP skills in 1996 came as no surprise. His intuitive ability with both performance and film construction came naturally, having shot for the ‘best of the best’ for over 15 years.

Jamie’s enviable directing skills lie in both visual and talent oriented scripts. His storytelling ability is effortless, spontaneous, and yet most importantly believable.

His work on both drama and commercials has been recognised with numerous awards including Australian Cinematography, One Show Gold, New York International Festival, Award, MADC and even includes being nominated for an Emmy.